11th Generation in North American
Clara Elizabeth (Little) McGee 
b. 4-12-1947 
m. Harley Darnell McGee


Clara Elizabeth (Little) McGee  Daughter of Francis Marion Little, III and Martha Lucille Murphy born 4-12-1947 married Harley Darnell McGee.


"English" John Bethea1 -> "Virginia" John Bethea2 -> Rogers, Mary (Bethea) m.Ethelred (Dred)  Rodgers3 -> Sarah Rogers m. Melea Manning)4 -> Manning. John, Sr5 -> Manning, Elisha (Eli)6 ->Manning, Richard Elam7 -> Manning, Quitman (Bud)8 -> Manning, Clara Elizabeth m. Francis Little II9 -> Little, Francis Marion Little, III10 -> Clara Elizabeth (Little) m. Harley Darnell McGee11


1st English John Bethea  b. 1684 d. 1750,   m. Lady Upton. 


2nd Bethea, John "Virginia John" (abt. 1705) m. Sarah Darby Bishop


3rd  Rogers, Mary (Bethea) (Stackhouse) b. 1739 m. Ethelred (Dred) Rogers (3rd) 



Rogers, Sarah (Manning) b. about 1760 m. Melea Manning (4th) Woodlawn

                     *See Pictures of 1795 Woodlawn Home


5th Manning. John, Sr. b. 1783 m. Letitia Lee 


6th  Manning, Elisha (Eli) b. 10-17-1803 m. Rebecca Edwards 


7th Manning, Richard Elam b. 5-10-1830 m. Elizabeth Ann Pevey 


8th Manning, Quitman (Bud) b. 4-7-1859 m. Rhoda Lou Thornton 


9th Manning, Clara Elizabeth (Little) b. 7-25-1886 m. Francis Marion Little II


10th Little, Francis Marion III b. 9-2-1907 m. Martha Lucille Murphy


11th McGee Clara Elizabeth (Little) b. 4-12-1947 m. Harley Darnell McGee



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